Lera Auerbach: Demons + Angels

Sunday, 17. November 2019, 16:00

Minoritenplatz 2a
1010 Wien

Lera Auerbach © Lera Auerbach

With her complete unflappabilty, her exuberant, even excessive ideas about form and conception, Lera Auerbach could easily belong to the baroque. Her list of works and arrangements contains, for example, seven different cycles of ›24 Preludes‹. In her choice of color and stylistic devices, she similarly refuses to be intimidated by current boundaries; as well as baroque, you can also detect romantic, mediaeval and Renaissance influences in her always distinctive style. After all, Lera Auerbach is — as was more frequently the case in the former glory days of musical history than now  – not just a composer, but piano virtuoso, conductor and writer as well. In fact in 1996, she was even nominated writer of the year by the International Pushkin Society. Born in Chelyabinsk in the Ural mountains in 1973, she exchanged Russia for New York during a concert tour in 1991. In 2019, she moved to Vienna, where in her quasi debut, she will conduct the first complete performance of her double cycle combining two separate choral works in the Minoritenkirche. An intensive, immersive undertaking that will have a running time equivalent to at least two feature-length films, because it depicts paradise and the underworld in a total 144 sections. The first cycle for choir and the Raschèr Saxophone Quartet is a meditation on the 72 Hebrew names of the angels, those emissaries who turn various religions into a single human whole. The second cycle is a piece on the names of 72 demons attributed to King Solomon and found In a 17t-century book of spells. Since the demons in this mysterious book personify, for Lera Auerbach, everything seductive, she attributes to them sounds that are even more beautiful than those for the angels – a good opportunity to experience Quatuor Béla, famous for its «diabolical technique» (Télérama), in its Austrian debut. 
»If you come to a concert and you leave the same person, then you’ve just wasted two hours of your life. For me it’s very important that the music touches, brings memories, transcends, maybe disturbs, but that It really affects you emotionally and intellectually, and gets you involved. Because listening, experiencing music is an active process. It’s not just, oh let’s sit and relax. It has the intensity of life and death. It’s what makes life worth living.« (Lera Auerbach)


Cracow Singers, Chor Chorleitung Karol Kusz

Rebecca Palmer, Sopran Goetia.72

Matylda Stasto-Kotula, Alt Goetia.72

Jakub Borowczyk, Countertenor Goetia.72

Lukasz Dziuba, Bass Goetia.72

Karol Kusz, Tenor Goetia.72

Quatuor Béla, Streichquartett

Vocalforum Graz, Chor Chorleitung Franz M. Herzog

Maria Suntinger, Alt 72 Angels

Bettina Wechselberger, Sopran 72 Angels

Christoph List, Altus 72 Angels

Gernot Heinrich, Tenor 72 Angels

Gerd Kenda, Bass 72 Angels

Raschèr Saxophon Quartet, Quartett

Lera Auerbach, Leitung


Lera Auerbach: Demons and Angels

Lera Auerbach

Goetia.72. In umbra lucis (2019) EA


Lera Auerbach

72 Angels. In splendore lucis (2016)


Produktion Wien Modern


Sunday, 17. November 2019

Lera Auerbach: Demons + Angels

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