Pierluigi Billone: FACE Dia.De

Tuesday, 05. November 2019, 19:30

Wiener Konzerthaus, Mozart-Saal
Lothringerstraße 20
1030 Wien

Anna Clare Hauf und Annette Schönmüller © nafezrerhuf

»›FACE Dia.De‹ is the second part of my composition ›FACE‹ for voice and ensemble from 2016. The first part of the title, ›FACE‹, is derived from the old Italian world for light or star, as well as the English concept of face. The second part, ›Dia.De‹, signals the voice is always a dyad, ie. an entity made up of two separable parts. Dia and Deare also individual references to Diamanda Galas and Demetrio Stratos, two Greek singers whose lives are an adventure of the voice. There is no text. The voice flows to its rhythms and fashions, before the words emerge, its own accents. It is a constant vocal flow in which one voice always contains the other, there are plural, vocal acts that arise in the body and out of the body. They are autonomous, pre-verbal, they are the background and the foundation on which every word could find its place, but which is unnecessary here. Also, no literary or intellectual reference is needed to encounter the singing whose completeness and autonomy reach an area where the word can only have a limiting effect.« (Pierluigi Billone)


PHACE, Ensemble

Anna Clare Hauf, Stimme

Annette Schönmüller, Stimme

Emilio Pomàrico, Dirigent


Pierluigi Billone

FACE Dia.De (2019) UA

Kompositionsauftrag von PHACE, Wien Modern (mit freundlicher Unterstützung von Lorenz Gräff) und Berliner Festspiele / MaerzMusik – Festival für Zeitfragen


Eine gemeinsame Produktion von Wien Modern, Wiener Konzerthaus und PHACE


Tuesday, 05. November 2019

Pierluigi Billone: FACE Dia.De

The performance has already taken place.

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