Noa + Snow

Saturday, 10. November 2018, 14:00

Volkskundemuseum Wien
Laudongasse 15-19
1080 Wien

Noa + Snow © Alexander Meeus / Alix Eynaudi

The new project by French choreographer and dancer Alix Eynaudi (who was a member of Anne-Teresa De Keersmaeker’s Rosas company for seven years and is now based in Vienna) hasn’t actually been properly defined yet. But that is perhaps part of the concept: the Austrian Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art in the Schönborn Garden Palace will temporarily be turned into a poetic writing workshop, an informal venue, with something of a Viennese Cafe flair to it. But no food or drink will be on the menu, but rather something more of a fleeting, choreographic nature. A piano – of course a badly-tuned one -- will plays a role, too, But that is all part of the project, not least because both the pianist Han-Gyeol Lie and piano tuner Monika Schwarz are the guests in this first part of the new series. A gentle experiment that mixes the everyday with the special event.

»Noa & Snow is a poetry studio, taking place during a choreographic event. There, at the same time as a performance is unraveling, the audience is given the possibility to work on their almost daily writing tasks: applications, e-mails, long forgotten instant messages, shopping lists, letters maybe … Everything that takes place in the space is to be considered poetry. If audience members did not bring their own, they will be provided with writing material.
I am convinced of the value of acts that vitalize the imagination of art and disrupt the ossification of performing situations. Noa & Snow proposes the possibility of using a format that escapes the language in order to share an artistic practice in research – not to expose research as a finite form, which could be presented, consumed as such, but more as the possibility of creating a space and a defined time for Some Thing that is not immediately recognizable, identifiable: to shape something without it being precise.« (Alix Eynaudi)


Alix Eynaudi, Konzept, Performance

Han-Gyeol Lie + Klavierstimmer und Gäste


Noa und Snow. Ein sanftes Experiment zwischen Alltag und Ereignis


Produktion boite de production – Verein für zeitgenössischen Tanz und zeitgenössische Installation in Kooperation mit Volkskundemuseum Wien, brut Wien und Wien Modern


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