gestochen und weg

Monday, 26. November 2018, 19:30

Dschungel Wien
Museumsplatz 1
1070 Wien

gestochen und weg © Markus Wintersberger

A girl pricks her finger on the spindle and is gone. Gone are the many voices, the rules and the possibilities. Gone are the warnings and the temptations, the constant questions about sex and the dangers of fertility. For a hundred years, the girl turns and twists herself into a world between life and death. We accompany her into the virtual worlds of sound and vision; using virtual reality glasses and headphones, we navigate our way through unreal landscapes with the smallest nod of our head. Am immersive real room on stage enables us to explore the tiniest nook and cranny of a rich world where all sorts of birds and insects live, but no mammals or humans. Coming into this virtual world – and emanating from it, too – are the sounds of harp, harpischord and flutes, as well as the voices of the three storytellers. In a new web-time production for Dschungel Wien Modern 2018, Elisabeth Schimana (music), Ann Cotten (text), Markus Wintersberger (VR-projections) and the Ensemble Airborne Extendend take their inspiration from the fairytale classic of »Sleeping Beauty« to plunge you into a virtual hundred-year-long sleep.


Airborne Extended

  • Sonja Leipold, Virginal, Spinettino
  • Caroline Mayrhofer, Paetzold-Bassblockflöte
  • Doris Nicoletti, Flöte

Martina Žerdin, Harfe

Peter Venus, Technik

Ann Cotten, Text

Markus Wintersberger, VR-Projektionen

Christian Reiner, Stimme, Erzähler

Elisabeth Schimana, Konzept, Musik

Nora Scheidl, Raum

Michael Scheidl, Künstlerische Leitung, Regie


Elisabeth Schimana

gestochen und weg. Musiktheater, basierend auf Grimms Märchen »Dornröschen« nach der Oelenburger Handschrift von 1810 (2017-2018) UA

Premiere Kompositionsauftrag netzzeit und Wien Modern


Produktion netzzeit in Koproduktion mit Dschungel Wien und Wien Modern


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