Saturday, 24. November 2018, 14:00

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Eye-tracking is used to operate high-tech weapons, to move robot arms by people who are physically handicapped and to monitor the alertness of pilots and truck drivers. For a world premiere at Wien Modern 2018, Boris Hegenbart will make use of this monitoring technology for the first time musically: while David Moss as singer and speaker will feed Hegenbart’s sound machines, these will scan and track the vocalist’s body. Every movement, every eyelid movement is registered using a number of different sensors and transformed into sound files. Using the flow of data, the voice is electronically manipulated in real time – pupil size, for example, influences the proportion of noise in a sound wall that acts as a sort of memory for all sounds.



  • David Moss, Performance, Stimme, Text
  • Boris Hegenbart, Performance, Komposition, Klangregie, Elektronik


Boris Hegenbart

lidschlag. Stimmsteuerungsnetze für ein außerplanetares Elektronik- und Stimm-Duo (Text: David Moss) (2018) UA

Kompositionsauftrag von Alte Schmiede und Wien Modern


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