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Dieter Schnebel 1975 in Paris © Philippe Gras / Alamy Stock Photo

It must be due to some supposed improvements and enhancements that the radical aethetic approaches of music in the 1960s and 1970s have largely fallen into oblivion. In the closing stretch of Wien Modern 2018, the mdw Ensemble under Jean-Bernard Matter will refresh the memories of today’s audiences in Odeon: Nicolaus A. Huber composed his orchestral piece »Harakiri« about 50 years before its world premiere on 02.11. Harrison Birtwistle, who was 35 years old at the time, used scissors to cut up his Verses and randomly glued them together again. Instead of musical scores, Cornelius Cardew and Dieter Schnebel wrote huge mysterious magic books full of signs and drawings. In »Giardino Religioso«, Bruno Maderna allows the musicians to wander freely and choose elements from notated sheets as if they were walking through a garden. The conductor, too, steps down from his podium to particpate as a player – a plea for freedom of thought.


Webern Ensemble Wien, Ensemble

Franziska von Harsdorf, Sprecherin

Jean-Bernard Matter, Leitung


Dieter Schnebel

MO-NO. Musik zum Lesen (1969)


Nicolaus A. Huber

Harakiri (1971) EA

Bruno Maderna

Giardino religioso (1972)


Cornelius Cardew

Treatise (1963-1968)


Sir Harrison Birtwistle

Verses for Ensembles (1968-1969)


Produktion mdw - Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien und Wien Modern


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