Wurzel + Werk: The Vegetable Orchestra 20.2

Sunday, 18. November 2018, 18:00

Lehárgasse 8
1060 Wien

möström © Lisbeth Kovacic

The legendary Viennese musical institution with the least durable of instruments will celebrate the 20th year of its sell-by-date for an entire weekend in the Semperdepot. Part 2: the Vegetable Orchestra’s all stars of Vienna’s electronic music and improvisation scene will perform a wide range of solos, ensemble pieces and side-projects. The »vegementalists« will leave the safety net of the orchestral collective and take turns in performing excerpts from their solo or chamber projects. The core sections of the Vegetable Orchestra will for the first time lay bare their roots and display the complex web of the different artistic aesthetics that has made this orchestra so utterly unique during the 20 years of its existence. What they all have in common is the quest to test and exceed limits, the willingness to leave safe artistic terrain behind them and search out new artistic experience, even if it ends in failure, but all the more so, if it leads to growth.


The Vegetable Orchestra, Ensemble (Jürgen Berlakovich, Susanna Gartmayer, Barbara Kaiser, Matthias Meinharter, Jörg Piringer, Richard Repey, Ingrid Schlögl, Ulrich Troyer, Tamara Wilhelm, Martina Winkler)

Christina Bauer, Klangregie


The Vegetable Orchestra Solos, Ensembles + Side Projects UA

Ulrich Troyer

Acetate-Dub-Plates & Testpressungen: Dolomite Dub I (2017) UA


Susanna Gartmayer

AOUIE (Ausschnitte) (2015)

Matthias Meinharter

TikiTiki & the Pad Mouse Band (2011)

Institut für transakustische Forschung

Transakustische Studien (2018) UA


Manekineko UA


Ulrich Troyer

Acetate-Dub-Plates & Testpressungen: Dolomite Dub II (2017) UA


Jörg Piringer

Körperscanner UA

Richard Repey, Inci Schlögl, Marti Winkler

Rooted Impact (2018) UA

Jürgen Berlakovich

Codon (2018) UA


We Speak Whale (Ausschnitte) (2015)


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